The first issue of 364 is Our Common Home.
It is dedicated to diversity in Kyrgyzstan.
You are welcome to send us anything you feel speaks for Our Common Home, and its diversity of languages, ethnicities, landscapes, cuisines, experiences, options, beliefs.

We want to publish a magazine devoted to modern travel in Kyrgyzstan.
We want inspire people: to an ethnical, responsible, sustainable tourism that will benefit all parties involved - providers, visitors, and the local community.

We want to move away from exoticising Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan can offer
an exciting tourist product, without relying on cliches. We want to point that Kyrgyzstan is an incredibly diverse country with a vibrant society and gorgeous landscapes - which we need to protect. Tourism can help outsiders explore this society, and help local communities economically grow and diversify.
We want to raise awareness to issues such as environment protection, climate change, soil erosion, water preservation, food supply management, education, human rights, dignity and equality, and preservation of unique culture, traditions, language and food. We want to put unique individuals and businesses on the map.
The magazine will be published every three months: spring, summer, autumn, winter.
The magazine will be published in three languages, English, Russian, Kyrgyz.
Different content will come in different languages, with summaries in the other two languages.

We will distribute the magazine at various art shops and organisations, museums, hotels.
All proceedings will be donated to a charity of our choice in Kyrgyzstan.

We will use a visually stunning, rich, colourful, vibrant design and typeset. Each language part will come on different type of paper and colour. We will seek to be independent and impartial to political issues. The magazine will be funded entirely by sales, and our own contribution.

We believe tourism will play an even larger role in society, and we want to address many of the challenges and opportunities we are facing.
We are sad to not be able to reimburse financially contributions, yet. We hope to do so in the future, when we gain speed. But for contributing, you will get a gift: it could be a nice poster, handmade postcard or drawing, book, and not least - a copy of 364.

We may not be able to fit all contributions in this coming issue. But we will definitely keep you for another issue, soon.
Please send all contributions to
and, by 15 July 2020.

We accept photography, text, art and ideas.
We are open to unusual contributions,
and are happy to think about non-standard formats.